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Cortland Precision Mono Core Nymph Fly Line

Cortland Precision Mono Core Nymph Fly Line

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The mono core Competition Nymph line is a continued development of Cortland’s original Competition Nymph offering. By using a thin-diameter, stiff monofilament core, we’ve created a nymphing line that transfers more energy outside the rod tip while maintaining less mass than any other product available today. Compared to limper braided-core line products, the mono core line has less sag between guides and hangs outside the rod tip without dragging the nymphs back toward the angler — two significant performance factors on the water. The minimal sag between guides greatly improves the angler’s “feel” for the flies and for quick bites.

New for 2015: 0 wt. and 1 wt. mono core Competition Nymph lines, in heron blue color.

For line weights #1 & #0.  72' WF taper.

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