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Winston Pure 10' 4wt

Winston Pure 10' 4wt

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Every once in a while a fly rod so perfect hits your hands you feel it from the moment the line an he leader turn over your dry fly, landing in the exact place you aimed to hit. With the extra length and superb sensitivity of the rod, you are in control. 

For both the FFP owner and shop manager, Jeff Perin and Brad Beckwith, that rod is the Winston Pure 10' 4 weight.

Jeff says it is absolutely the best dry fly rod i have ever used. It is my #1 goto rod for my fishing days on the Metolius, and I don't hesitate even for a second to take it over to the Lower Deschutes or up to the lakes. Versatility is the best virtue of this rod.

When we asked for Brad's review, he smiled big and said it is the best dry fly rod he's ever fished on the Metolius.

The 10' model of the Pre series of rods gives you extended control over a broad range of waters, and you'll find your mends are better executed with the extra length, and with the sensitive tip section you won't be breaking fish off on light tippet.

If you are a fan of 10 foot rods, this is a rod you should seriously consider for fishing our local waters.


Perhaps the greatest dry fly rods we have ever made.

When you daydream of delicate presentation trout fishing, where does your mind wander off to? Some might imagine casting yellow humpies, stimulators, and Royal Wulffs on their favorite freestones.

Some might imagine undercut banks, beaver ponds, and giggling riffles on a secret cutthroat “crick.” Some might imagine a large pod of picky spring creek rainbows dimpling PMDs on a slow-moving current’s surface.

If these are your daydreams, we encourage you to explore our all-new PURE series of trout rods.

NEW for 2020, three 10’ models, perfect for extended line control across broad water.

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